Peer Mentoring Programme - UX Case Study

International students often have a difficult time integrating within social circles in their first year of University and feel as if they are unprepared for everyday tasks (McMahon, 2011). Academic mentoring and networking events exist in many institutions, however they do not seem to be as effective as one-to-one mentoring. Our project proposes a Peer Mentoring Programme which seeks to offer a full range of services to students, from first years to recent graduates and alumni.

The Programme focuses on building genuine connections between home and international students, both socially and academically. Some of the key functions offered by the application are matching between students, a community bubble and an events page. The application also provides general information, useful for all students, such as recommendations for food and entertainment around campus. Our intention is for the application to technologically unify all aspects of the student experience and offer a simple, well-functioning platform that meets the needs and demands of a diverse student population.  

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