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When I Walk Around My Home

When I Walk Around My Home is a platform, a framework and a series of short films, all made with the help of algorithms and artificial intelligence. The framework was designed to be easy and fun to play with. It's for everybody.

This method of producing short films sees A.I. as a collaborator rather than a tool. We have seen artificial intelligence used in film production as a means to automate tedious tasks, but what if such algorithms could contribute to the artistic process undertook by creatives? What if the algorithm is the writer, the producer, the director? It has also become quite common to associate A.I. in creative practices with a threat to the future of the craft; the method tries to deconstruct that.

As such, the proposed framework seeks to maintain a fragile balance, as with any collaboration, between automation and autonomy. The machine writes with us, 

not for us.

You can check the platform here:

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